Hey, I’m

Harris Munir

I'm a software engineer and designer based in Portland, Oregon. I like making video games and going on walks and stuff. These days I work on web startups. My passion is connecting people.


Shuffle Dating

2023 - Present

Portland, OR

  • - Currently serving as CTO
  • - Leading development on our web app, data pipeline, and automation
  • - We are just getting started - check back soon!


2017 - Present

Austin, TX / Remote

  • - Co-founded Tunks LLC, an indie games and software studio
  • - Co-developed sesh, the best calendar bot for Discord
  • - Co-developed HackStack, an intense hacking game for iOS
  • - Leveled up my game development skills by working on many prototypes in Lua, C#, and C++

Riot Games (Valorant)

2016 - 2017

Los Angeles, CA

  • - Served as a Gameplay Engineer on Valorant as it transitioned from prototype to full production
  • - Worked in Unreal Engine (C++ and Blueprint)
  • - Developed and maintained core gameplay systems
  • - Providing engineering support for design, audio, and UI teams



Austin, TX

  • - Worked on a prototype mobile game using Unity (C#)
  • - Developed gameplay, graphics, networking, debugging, and testing systems
  • - Contributed to the game design process by participating in design meetings and providing feedback
  • - Acquired by Riot Games in 2016



Austin, TX

  • - Contributed to open source projects by porting the Boost C++ libraries to Power Linux platforms
  • - Set up Jenkins servers to automate software testing
  • - Built a web based porting automation tool prototype from the ground up


The University of Texas at Austin

2012 - 2016

Austin, TX

  • Bachelor of Science and Arts in Computer Science, Minor in Business



Shuffle Dating